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Woven geotextile – Manufacture and sales geosynthetic materials in Kazakhstan


GeoSM” company produces and sells woven geotextiles. Own European equipment, powerful production lines – all this allows us to offer our customers the material of high quality and at affordable prices.

Geotextile is a high-strength woven fabric, which is made from 100% polypropylene, polyamide, polyester filaments, by rectangular weaving of several fibers. Due to a special manufacturing method the material gets such unique properties as high tensile strength, resistance to high tensile loads, low relative elongation.

Having such properties, woven geotextiles are widely used during earth works as a reinforcing element, which increases the carrying capacity of structures and strength of soil. Also this type of geotextiles is successfully used when it is necessary to arrange drainage systems and protective screens on complex man-made soils. With the help of this material are separated different layers of the road bed, use it and to protect the geomembranes.

We offer delivery of our products to all regions of Kazakhstan by motor transport of our logistics service or by other carriers.
If you are interested in purchasing woven geotextiles in bulk, call us and order the brand which is suitable for creating your construction projects. Also, the order can be placed online, just indicate what you need geotextiles for, and we will help you make the right choice.

For the information of our valued customers – we always have a certain amount of material in stock, so we can ship products at your first request, as soon as possible.

If you can’t calculate the necessary amount of material yourself, you want to clarify the terms and delivery methods, please contact our professional operators, who will be happy to advise you.


Woven geotextile is resistant to various aggressive substances, UV radiation, has a high permeability. The material does not rot, it is not exposed to mold. Can be used on different types of soil. Able to withstand low temperatures, down to – 60 degrees Celsius. With its help, it is possible to restore or adapt the land for economic use, located in swampy areas, in lowlands, flooded. Thanks to its unique structure, the material perfectly separates different layers.


  • Strengthening of roadbeds, bases of roads and railroads.
    Strengthening the bases of facilities in civil and industrial construction.
    Arrangement of landfills for storage of various wastes (as a protective layer of soil).
    Construction of embankments.
    Arrangement of drainage systems.
    Laying of oil and gas pipelines.
    Land reclamation, irrigation of lands of different purposes.
    Landscape building.
    Strengthening of coastlines.
    Strengthening of slopes, elevated steepness embankments.
    Protecting the area from landslides, erosion.
    Protection of geomembranes.

    Using woven geotextiles allows saving other construction materials.
    Thus, when creating a roadbed with this material the expenses on road repair and reconstruction are decreasing, and the operational period of the object is increasing. There is also a saving of bulk construction materials. Ease of installation reduces the time of construction works.

    Woven geotextiles are light and durable materials, supplied in thick rolls, so the material can be easily stored in warehouses, transported and disposed of if necessary.


Tensile strength, kN prol/transverse Roll width, m Winding, m
11 / 11 1,6 25 / 50
20 / 20 1,6 / 2,1 / 4,2 / 5,2 25 / 50 / 100 / 200
33 / 33 1,6 / 2,1 / 4,2 / 5,2 25 / 50 /100 / 200
40 / 40 4,2 / 5,2 50 / 200
50 / 50 4,2 / 5,2 50 / 100
80 / 80 5,2 100
100 / 100 5,2 100


Geotextiles at our enterprise are produced on new European equipment equipped with APU, which allows to control and, if necessary, quickly make changes in the manufacturing process.
The production of this material is very similar to carpet weaving, but not from conventional yarns, but from polymer polypropylene strips.

The average daily production capacity of the line is three tons.

Call us now, order the geotextiles and we will deliver them to you in the shortest possible time.
If you still have any questions, please contact us, our professional managers will consult you on any matter relating to this material. Also you can clarify all the details by contacting us via the feedback form on our website.
We are always happy to help our customers!

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