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Biomats – Manufacture and sales geosynthetic materials in Kazakhstan


In GeoSM Group of Companies our clients can buy biomats in bulk from the manufacturer in Kazakhstan. Our company specializes in the production of this material and is ready to supply it to any object on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the CIS in the shortest possible time by large, medium and small wholesale in the shortest possible time. The width of the material rolls we produce under TM “Geoflax”: 0.6-1.7 m, length: 10-30 m.


Geoflax” biomats is an ecological material which is completely assimilated by soil and during its degradation fertilizes its cover, perfectly absorbs and stores water and perfectly helps to fix roots of small and large plants. In terms of its mechanical characteristics biomats have high durability and reliability in long-term use.Unlike its analogues, biomats “Geoflax” have low cost and are easy to install (overlapping laying with fixing a staple, stake or with an anchor).The effectiveness of this material is also due to the speed of obtaining the desired result – with proper installation and a suitable climate the area with biomats can completely go green in 1 month.


Non-woven organic fabric, straw and grass mixture – these are the three components of the geocomposite, which got its name “biomat” because of the presence of natural components in its composition. The non-woven basis of a biomat is a coconut, linen or jute fiber, on which a seed mix (cereals and leguminous plants), fertilizers, growth stimulators and other substances increasing the efficiency of the material are applied. The specialists of GeoSM Group are responsible for the choice of raw materials for the production of biomats, carefully set up the production equipment, monitor directly the process of production, as well as further packing and storage of the finished product. All this is done to ensure that the customer receives a product of the highest quality, able to perform all the functions entrusted to it.


Biomats “Geoflax”, depending on its structure and composition can be used in different landscape areas, for example:

surfaces of slightly inclined and steep embankments;
on slopes and slopes (biomats are used to strengthen slopes);
In road construction (use biomats for roads);
on weak soils;
on waterlogged or waterlogged sandy and rotten surfaces;
on soil dumps of above-ground pipelines or quarries;
on lawns, including the creation and restoration of the vegetation-soil layer (lawn biomats are used);
On soils subject to wind erosion or leaching;
on other landscaped surfaces for reinforcement.

Properly selected mixture composition of biomats allows the effective use of this material even in difficult climates (for example, in the Far North, in areas of permafrost). Biomats serve as a catalyst for the creation of soil microorganisms and fertile layer, that is why this material is often used for land reclamation activities, reclamation activities, as well as for landscaping when improving the sites involved in construction after its completion.


Find biomats at a bargain price in Kazakhstan – now it is not a problem. Call us and order this material at a reasonable price, which depends on the mix and volume of ordering material. Our specialists will calculate the cost of your order and answer any questions relating to the use of biomats to solve your particular problems as soon as possible.

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