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About company – Manufacture and sales geosynthetic materials in Kazakhstan


GeoSM Group is the largest manufacturer and supplier of geosynthetic materials of Geoflax TM. The production of the company is located in Russia, and the sale of products is carried out from its own warehouses in Russia and abroad. The company has been operating in the market of Kazakhstan since 2014. At present, GeoSM has its own warehouse in Almaty.

GeoSM has modern European equipment, as well as a staff of experienced and highly qualified specialists. Only high quality raw materials are used for producing Geoflax geosynthetics. In addition, GeoSM has the ability to continuously monitor the full production cycle of materials, which allows production of high quality geosynthetics. Sales of materials in Kazakhstan without intermediaries, from the company’s own warehouse gives GeoSM the opportunity to offer its partners in the country the products at a low price. And payment for orders is made in the currency of the country – tenge.


2007. The company started its activities with a small manufactory for the production of nonwoven geosynthetics.

2008. GeoSM broadens the range of products, including geogrids, geogrids, geomembranes. Owing to the active work and support of partners the company managed to survive and get back on its feet during the crisis.

2011. The company began to develop its branch network, exceeding the limits of its region.

2012. Creation of GeoSM group of companies. During this period, an automated customer management and support system was implemented, which allowed the company to sell throughout the country online.

2014. The company goes international, opens a representative office in Kazakhstan. A customs broker’s position appears in the staff of the company. In 2014 the company won the Big Gold Medal at the All-Russian industrial exhibition of nonwovens.

2015. Active development of GeoSM branch network. The company has more than 20 branches in Russia, as well as representative offices in the Middle East. It allowed not only to reduce the delivery time to the customers’ facilities but also to decrease the price of the geosynthetic materials of “Geoflax” TM.

2016. The development of the enterprise continues: the staff at the end of the year was 200 people, the company made more than 900 shipments, and the number of customers was 2500 for the entire period of work. New production lines were also launched, resulting in production volumes of 4,000 tons for the year (a record for the company). Thanks to this, Geoflax products in the required volume are always available in the company’s warehouse.

2017. GeoSM cooperates closely with design organizations; since this period Geoflax products began to be more often included into design estimates at the development stage. This proves, that the GeoSM production is of high quality and has undeniable advantages comparing with counterparts. In the same year, the company opened its own quality service, which receives and processes product feedback from the company’s customers online. In 2017, GeoSM focuses on the quality of the company’s products and services.

Also opens a new direction for the company – installation of waterproofing materials. Now GeoSM customers can significantly save money by purchasing not only quality materials, but also services for their professional installation in the company.

2018. GeoSM opens a branch in Almaty with its own warehouse, which allowed not only to free partners in Kazakhstan from a complex and lengthy process of customs clearance, but also to pay for orders in the currency of their country – tenge.

The company does not stand still and is actively looking for new directions of development. Employees of the company are united by the desire to make the most useful product for their partners, for mutual benefit. The plans of GeoSM for 2019-2021 are to continue increasing the output of Geoflax TM geosynthetics, implement promising investment projects, import new high-quality materials for successful business development of the company’s clients.

You will be pleasant and comfortable working with us because we are serious about the professional growth and qualification of our employees. Regardless of the scope of supply the staff of GeoSM group of companies builds relationships with clients the same way as with each other – on the basis of friendliness, mutual trust and sincere desire to help.

The rapid development of the company and its high level of performance would not be possible without a team of professionals, who daily achieve results, turning their words into reality. At the moment the number of staff is about 300 people, including administrative resources, employees of production, warehouse and sales and logistics departments – this means that at each stage of the transaction with our customers specialists, whose qualifications are regularly confirmed by appropriate certifications.

However, how we achieve such results in our activity is by no means the main thing for our client. The main thing is the benefits he receives.

Firstly, our own production allows us to offer quality products at affordable prices.

Secondly, storage facilities with a total area of more than 5000 m² ensure uninterrupted deliveries and constant availability of all major items.

Thirdly, our own logistics service and representative offices in more than 20 regions (from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok) allow us to guarantee the shortest delivery time and maximum efficiency at all stages of the transaction.

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