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GeoSM Group has been manufacturing and supplying geosynthetic and insulating materials since 2007. During this time we have gained the trust of over 3000 customers – leaders of the construction industry and comprehensive improvement in Russia and abroad.


Nonwoven geotextile is the most popular and efficient geosynthetics in those cases where you need to separate soil layers, reinforce the soil and protect the pavement. It is also used in drainage systems for filtration.


Woven polypropylene geotextile is recommended for use in road construction to reinforce the soil on slopes and embankments, to separate layers of road materials


The use of flat geogrid allows you to separate and strengthen the layers of the road bed in the construction, repair and reconstruction of roads, railroads, runways, as well as in industrial construction.


Three-dimensional geogrid is a synthetic material. It is used when it is necessary to strengthen, reinforce the construction material located in the geogrid cells, such as soil, gravel, sand.


Geogrid ais a reinforcing material made of polymer threads. To improve and strengthen the structure of the roadbed, a special protective coating is applied on the geogrid. The material is supplied in rolls.


Geomembrane is a fairly new, modern fabric made of polymers. It is used when there is a need to carry out quality waterproofing of various storage facilities, buildings and structures, tanks, etc.


Gabions – structures that are boxes of polymer or metal galvanized mesh, filled with pebbles, stone or gravel.


Geomat – one of the most environmentally friendly geosynthetics, which consists of randomly selected and woven together polyethylene or polypropylene nets.


Biomats is a geocomposite nonwoven fabric consisting of organic fiber, straw and grass mixture. As a rule, it is a three-layer material with 2 layers of nonwoven base.
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