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Flat geogrid – Manufacture and sales geosynthetic materials in Kazakhstan


Flat geogrid is a geosynthetic with a two-dimensional cellular structure. It is produced from extruded polypropylene, polyester by punching holes and subsequent stretching in 2 axes (biaxial geogrid). Under the action of significant mechanical loads, as well as during the stretching, it forms a solid, stable cellular basis-framework, which is used for the best reinforcement, filled with a small amount of soil, gravel, sand, which allows you to save these building materials, as well as reduce construction time.

Our company “GeoSM” is a manufacturer of high quality flat geogrids, fully complying with all quality standards. The price for all material is optimal. If you need this geosynthetics in bulk, call us and order the brand you need. We make delivery to all regions of Kazakhstan. If you do not know what brand of material is suitable for your problems, can not calculate the required amount of material, want to clarify the terms of delivery – please contact our operators who will be happy to advise you.

The bonding of the flat geogrid with the natural aggregate is based on the principle of “jamming-fixation”. Thus there is a mechanical stabilization, soil layers are separated and the roadbed is reinforced. A geogrid has a high strength in the longitudinal and transverse directions.
Often geogrid is used in combination with some other geosynthetics to create an even more effective and multifunctional system of protection, strengthening, drainage and reinforcement.


– The material has a high tensile strength.

– The use of geogrid allows evenly distribute the load on the pavement.

– The material is environmentally friendly, does not emit harmful substances into the soil under normal operating conditions.

– It does not rot, is not exposed to mold.

– Assembly and disassembly is not difficult.

– Withstands large amplitude temperature fluctuations.

– High service life (not less than 50 years).

The main functions of the flat geogrid – reinforcement.


– Construction of roads for various purposes to fix the road base.

– Creation of runways.

– Construction of foundations for oil and gas pipelines.

– Garden and landscape design.

– Creating artificial reservoirs, strengthening the coastline.

– Recultivation of lands in order to stop erosive processes.

– Creating parking lots.

– Arrangement of various sports grounds.


Our company sells geogrid, which is produced from extruded polymer with extrusion or punching of cells. In order to give the material additional functions, it is possible to introduce certain additives that will improve or strengthen the properties. For example, to strengthen resistance to ultraviolet radiation, carbon black is introduced.

The technological cycle of geogrid production includes three operations:

– Flat-slot extrusion of polymeric substance granules (a plastic, flat sheet is made).

– With the use of high temperatures holes are squeezed out in the sheet with the given parameters of the sides of cells.

– The finished geogrid sheet is stretched in longitudinal and transverse directions to get the desired two-dimensional structure.


Name of indicators Normative value of geogrids made of extruded polyolefins
20 30 40
1. Surface density, g/m 300±30 380±38 510±51
2. Maximum load for tensile tests kN/m, not less: – along – across 20 20 30 30 40 40
3. Tensile load at 2% relative elongation, kN/m, not less: – along – across 5 7 11 13 13 15
4. Tensile load at 5% relative elongation, kN/m, not less: – along – across 10 13 20 20 25 25
5. Relative elongation at maximum load, %, not more: -along – across 10 10 10 10 10 10
6. Cell size, mm – on the length of the roll – on the roll width 35±5 35±5 35±5 35±5 35±5 35±5
7. Skewness of the cells, deg. ±3 ±3 ±2
8. Roll width, cm 400±5% 400±5% 400±5%
9. Roll length, m 50±0,5 50±0,5 50±0,5
10. Resistance to the action of chemical media (load from the original), %, not less 90 90 90
11. Mushroom resistance is not higher than ПГ113 ПГ113 ПГ113
12. Grid flexibility No damage on visual inspection
13. Resistance to solar radiation Withstands exposure to direct sunlight without loss of strength for at least 1 month
14. Frost resistance (allowable loss of tensile strength after 25 cycles of freezing / thawing), %, not more 10
Call us now, order a geogrid, and in the shortest possible time we will deliver it to you. It is possible to make an order directly on the site. If you still have any questions, please contact us, our professional managers will advise you on any geosynthetics. We are always happy to help our customers!

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